...and bells on her toes...

Two weeks later

Started to get a bit concerned at how messy my hair must look to other people, thank god it's wooly hat season. As well as hiding my hair it also helps in the locking process I'm sure.
I started to get a bit fidgety at the start of week two, started palm rolling a few "sections"
I'm surprised at how easy it still is to run my fingers through my hair, especially the fringe!

At the end of week 2 I can feel some natural locks forming!

Week 2

Dreadlock Shampoo Tried & Tested

New Dawn Organic Bar Patchouli

New Dawn Patchouli Dreadlock Shampoo
This is a really nice smelling shampoo bar for hair and body.
It is not harsh, lathers reasonably well, and so long as you rinse your hair super well it doesn't leave any residue.
Prices start from £2.95. I purchased the Standard 75g bar for £4.95. It is very good value for money.
10 different types
Free UK shipping, super cheap Worldwide shipping
Buy it here

Dreads UK Dreadlock Shampoo

Dreads UK ShampooThis is a super gentle shampoo, fragrance free, lathers reasonably well, doesn't leave any residue.
Leaves my hair feeling super clean and soft. I LOVE it
Price £14.49 so it is MEGA expensive. I am keeping track of how long a bottle lasts me and will update this review.
Free UK shipping
Buy it here
I will be adding more products as and when I've tested them.
Please contact me if you'd like me to honestly review your vegan dreadlock products.