...and bells on her toes...

So I decided to grow dreadlocks. January 29th 2016 was the date I last brushed my hair.

This is my dreadlock journey....and other adventures....

One week later

Not a bother, gone without brushing my hair for almost a week before (well 4 days) so didn't notice anything. Carried on washing it every 2 days and leaving to dry naturally. Indian head massage every night.


Week 1

Two weeks later

I started to get a bit fidgety at the start of week two, started palm rolling a few "sections"
I'm surprised at how easy it still is to run my fingers through my hair, especially the fringe!

At the end of week 2 I can feel some natural locks forming!

Week 2

Three weeks later

Definite dreads forming, all at the back of the head. I'm still washing every couple of days and leaving to dry naturally.
Am concerned with the smell of my hair. Shampoo just doesn't leave that nice smell you get from hair conditioner.

I cook, I have a wood burner... smells get trapped in dreadlocks!

ADVICE FROM THE FUTURE: If you want thinner dreads, now is the time to separate your fat ones.

Week 3

Four weeks later

My head is a dreadlock nebula! I have little dreads forming all over!

I found an old LUSH shampoo bar at the back of the bathroom cabinet but it is old and has lost its magic... the smell of my hair still concerns me

Because my hair clearly looks messy I really, really, really want it to smell good. I like the dichotomy.

Week 4

Five weeks later

Just learned (thanks internet) that whilst the hair is wet it's a good idea to palm roll the naturally formed dreads.
So that is what I have been doing. It's very therapuetic.
I used hair conditioner! I'm glad I did. I had that lovely freshly cleaned hair smell and I feel the ends of my hair were really grateful.
I imagine a monthly condition once all dreads are formed will be a regular thing for me.
ADVICE FROM THE FUTURE: Don't use hair conditioner, it leaves too much residue. Instead use a product like Dollylocks Conditioning Oil

Week 5

Six weeks later

I have 8 dreads!

I am still washing my hair every other day and letting dry naturally.

I am palm rolling every day either on wet or dry dreads and separating them a couple of times a day. I feel this is important because I want lots of thin dreads as opposed to fewer fat ones.

Though I have formed a fatty at the back in the middle.

Started giving myself head massages everyday because I stopped doing this after week 2.

Week 6

Eight weeks later

Lots of smaller dreads forming all over which I'm palm rolling every day. I've stopped washing my hair every other day and am washing every third day instead.

Week 8

Nine weeks later

I'm spending about an hour each day palm rolling each individual dreadlock one at a time, so this is nowhere near the "neglect" method! I do find the whole process very therapeutic. I'm still washing my hair every third day.

Week 9

Ten weeks later

So many changes this week. I realised that some of my dreads were way thicker than I wanted so I have managed to separate 4 dreads and made them into 12! hair's gone a bit fuzzy but it'll calm down over time. I even separated the fatty but I ended up having to cut it as it was soooo thick. I got 4 dreads out of that fat one alone! I'm so glad I've done it sooner rather than later. I'm going to edit what I wrote in week 3 to suggest to people to separate any fat dreads they want thinned out.

Week 10

Eleven weeks later

Just washing and palm rolling to report this week. Washing every three days palm rolling every day. It takes me about two hours so this is no where near the neglect method.

Growing natural dreadlocks 11 weeks later

Seventeen weeks later

Growing dreadlocks 17 weeks later

I can't believe it's been four months already!

I am palm rolling every dread every day, it takes about an hour, and washing my hair every 3 or 4 days.

Week 26

Growing dreadlocks naturally 26 weeks later

I'm washing my hair every three or four days and I have stopped palm rolling every day. I'm just letting it get on with its own thing and only separating any dreads that join together.

Week 46

I am washing my hair once a week and palm rolling the wet dreads.

Growing dreadlocks naturally week 46

One Year

It's my Dreadlockversary, my dreads are a year old today!
My dreadlocks have given me super powers, they have helped unleash something tribal, something raw and authentic
They are my roots keeping me connected to earth
They are my branches, searching, reaching
Wild and free

Growing dreadlocks naturally step by step One Year Anniversary

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